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VZ Engineering is an engineering services company with remotely located engineers. This keeps costs down making it cheaper for the customer.

The founder, Fritz Van Zwol has a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford England. He specialized in race engine design. From grassroots motorsports all the way up to F1, Rally, NASCAR, and Indy car. He has a passion for engines.


VZ engineers are located in England, Canada, Michigan, and Florida. This allows for engineers with specialties to live where they choose and maintain happier lifestlyes.


The specialties of the engineers allows for effective and efficient engineering. 


VZ engineers have capability in cylinder head, cylinder block, crankshaft, camshaft, oil systems, cooling systems, etc... This allows for complete engine design capability.



VZ Engineering is a entrepreneur idea engineering services company. Engineers have personal backgrounds in idea concept design and analysis. Lessons learned from aerospace, motorsport, industrial, and mechanical engineering can be applied to designs. This keeps designs up to date, cost effective, efficient, reliable, and competitive. 


VZ Engineering loves passionate people and their designs. VZ Engineering is here to assist in engineering from clean sheet design to existing designs. 


The founder, Fritz Van Zwol, has his own US Patent 7500441 on a Remote Waterline Cleaner for yachts. He loves ideas and wants to make an impact for people to be happier in life.  

About us

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